Butterfly Express Quilting

Below is a list of lectures and workshops I currently offer. You can schedule one for your group by sending me your preferences using the form on my contact page.

Hinge Quilt Workshop

Cost: $350.00 for a 6 hour workshop

Linda wanders down the path of quilt-as-you-go. A four square kit is provided for each student. This kit enables each student the time to practice the quilt-as-you-go hinge technique where all seams are sewn by machine. (No more hand sewing with this modern quilt-as-you-go technique.) Using quilt-as-you-go methods, students build their quilt a block at a time and then assemble. When assembly is done, the quilt is completely finished. Students can make their own quilt using any of the quilt-as-you-go quilt designs.

Quilter's Journey - Currently Scheduled

Cost: $350.00

I bring my unique style to your audience through showing and talking about my folk-art quilts. Using the traditional quilt-as-you-go technique, I’ve updated the process so that all seams can be sewn on a home machine from feather-weight to modern machine. Each quilt has its own personality. I don’t believe there is a "right" way to quilt. I encourage audience participation through funky music. After the lecture, the audience is encouraged to examine my quilts.

All Dolled Up Lecture

Cost: $350.00

How do I sew up, doll up and use up scraps and stash instead of allowing fabric to languish in my stash. To me it’s the treasure hunt to find ways to use fabric creatively. My bottom line is to have three shelves or less of fabric. Let me share my tips and tricks to manage a fabric stash. This lecture is interactive with audience participation. After the lecture, the audience is encouraged to examine my projects.

Free Motion Quilting

Cost: $300.00 for a 4 hour workshop

This workshop takes students through five styles of free motion quilting. Students can learn brain gym techniques to foster creativity, use muscle memory and practice quilting using their own machine. This method is a great way to quilt your own quilts! Feel free to bring quilt tops to explore possible quilting ideas.

Intermediate Free Motion Quilting Workshop

Cost: $350.00 for a 6 hour workshop

This workshop is an opportunity to take your quilting to the next level, as you get a feel for what will stitch out well for you. What feels right, or doable, is different for each quilter. This is a safe place for creative people. Feel free to bring a quilt and ask about possible quilting designs, but we will only be quilting on practice squares during this class because this is a practice class.

Whimsical Free Motion Quilting

Cost: $350.00

Evolve into your personal quilting style while leaving room for your own creativity. This lecture takes the audience through five styles of quilting by examining my quilts. I tell of my process in learning how to do free motion quilting. I encourage audience participation through music. After the lecture, the audience can examine my quilts and chat with me about the quilting designs.