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Boomerang (Quilt: 45 x 63 in. and Table Runner: 18 x 36 in)

Boomerang is another hinge pattern. A quilt pattern and table runner pattern are included. Each block is quilted separately. You can choose free-motion quilting, walking-foot quilting or ruler-play quilting. This is a fun and oh-so-easy way to try your hand at hinging.

Pattern Number: #820

Cost: $8.00

Ready to Roll

Ready to Roll (50 x 60 in)

Let the fun begin with your favorite jelly roll and (4) fat quarters. This charming design for choosy quilters makes color distribution easy with the three part 2 ½” strip construction. This is a “Gentle Instructions for Beginners” pattern. All ability levels can relax and enjoy this quick and easy pattern.

Pattern Number: #819

Cost: $8.00

Cruisen, Snoozen, n Stitchen…

Cruisen, Snoozen, n Stitchen… (large: 58 x 64; small 46 x 61 in)

This quilt pattern is fun, fresh and easy to make because of the abundance of pictures and helpful hints. The pattern includes “Gentle Instructions for Beginners”, so bring you sense of humor and enjoy the fun with the colors that appeal to you.

Pattern Number: #817

Cost: $8.00

Matchy, Matchy… Not

Matchy, Matchy… Not (48 x 60 in)

You can make this QUILT-AS-YOU-GO hinge pattern with ease as you use your home machine to piece and quilt. With just four colorful fabrics you can make this stellar quilt. It’s the little details that make your quilts awesome. The pattern includes “Gentle Instructions for Beginners”. This is a safe place for creative people.

Pattern Number: #818

Cost: $8.00

Busy Day

Busy Day (large: 57 x 76; small: 46 x 55 in)

This Home cozy quilt pattern comes in two sizes that are written separately. You piece your fat quarters or quarter yard cuts and add a neutral fabric to create a simple center. Then just add border 1 and border 2 to create a stunning quilt. You even can take advantage of scrappy quilt fabrics to make your own variation. best seller icon

Pattern Number: #816

Cost: $8.00

Off the Wall

Off the Wall (large: 54 x 72; small: 40 x 60 in)

You can embrace your creativity and pleasure of quilting with this QUILT-AS-YOU-GO pattern. Off the Wall quilt pattern can use a mix-it-up monochromatic color way of your favorite color with a neutral to give a chevron appearance. Another look appears scrappy with interesting color combinations. This pattern comes in two sizes. Both sizes are good for all ability levels.

Pattern Number: #815

Cost: $8.00

Some Kind of Fun

Some Kind of Fun (large: 70 x 80; small: 40 x 55 in)

You can have some fun with this pattern as you use up you stash or crack open a jelly roll or purchase fabric that is calling your name. This pattern is good for all ability levels because each size of the pattern is written separately to make following directions easier.

Pattern Number: #814

Cost: $8.00

Earbud Caddy and More

Earbud Caddy and More (large: 4 x 5; medium: 3.5 x 5; small: 3.25 x 4.25 in)

Do you want a gift to hold a gift card, earbuds, driver’s license, MP3 player or other treasures for someone special or yourself. Perhaps your favorite student needs a safe place for their lunch money. It’s fast and fun to make any of the three sizes. Putting a zipper in the project is easy when following these directions.

Pattern Number: #813

Cost: $8.00

Turn the White Fantastic

Turn the White Fantastic (large: 70 x 70; small: 47 x 47 in)

Turn the White Fantastic quilt pattern is a great way to perfect your quarter inch seam while creating a beautiful quilt top. This disappearing 9-patch has a built in way of correcting the block if your block turns out slightly irregular. Two sizes are available.

Pattern Number: #812

Cost: $8.00

Crossing Over

Crossing Over (60 x 80 in)

Here’s a fresh interpretation of the folk art QUILT-AS-YOU-GO. A shot of your favorite colors in an otherwise neutral palette brings this traditional quilting style into the modern arena.

Pattern Number: #811

Cost: $8.00

Sassy Circles

Sassy Circles (55 x 66 in)

These sassy curves are achieved with an easy raw-edge appliqué. The center pieces are large enough to showcase large-scale prints. A variety of borders provide a strong frame that takes this into a rectangular quilt.

Pattern Number: #810

Cost: $8.00

It's in the Bag

It's in the Bag

Heart Gift Bag: size(10 x 14 in)
4 Heart Placemats: size(12 x 16 in)
Hearts to You Table Runner: size (20 X 30 in)
These quick and easy small projects are perfect for home use and make great gifts.

Pattern Number: #809

Cost: $8.00

Where the Heart Is

Where the Heart Is (40 x 50 in)

Your heart’s desire can be pictured on focus fabric and pieced into this quilt-as-you-go quilt. This quilt can be for your favorite sport, team, hobby or food. Yes, hearts are seen all year long. This quilt forms a pattern on the front and coordinating pattern on the back.

Pattern Number: #808

Cost: $8.00

What Was I Thinking

What Was I Thinking (54 x 72 in)

This quilt looks hard and is one easy quilt. It is a great stash buster. It is a simple quilt-as-you-go method for each square. Black and white fabric showcases your favorite color strata. The squares are machine sewn together. Thus, the piecing and quilting are all done by you on your home sewing machine. best seller icon

Pattern Number: #807

Cost: $8.00


Strips-N-Stripes (40 x 66 in)

Strips-N-Stripes uses a pieced block of 5 fat quarters and a neutral fabric. This pattern plays well with large prints because the neutral fabric gives the eye a place to rest. Or a more tradition color palette can be used. The blocks are sewn using the hinge method for a quick and easy quilt.

Pattern Number: #806

Cost: $8.00

Eat More Cake

Eat More Cake (36 x 54 in)

This quilt was designed for the young at heart who like to celebrate life with cupcakes. The raw-edge cupcakes are appliquéd. The squares are a great project to practice free motion quilting or use decorative stitches. Hinge seams can be sewn using your sewing machine.

Pattern Number: #805

Cost: $8.00

Four Square with Flair

Four Square with Flair (54 x 72 in)

This is a quilt-as-you-go pattern using 9” x 9” square blocks. The colorway uses 24 fabrics in three colors as shown here. A coordinating pattern is formed on the back. Decorative stitches can be used to attach hinges, best seller icon

Pattern Number: #804

Cost: $8.00

Flipped Over Hinging

Flipped Over Hinging (54 x 72 in)

This quilt-as-you-go pattern looks like it’s on the diagonal. It’s easy because all the hinge seams can be sewn using your sewing machine. Imagine using 24 fat quarters and additional fabric for the hinge. The 9” x 9” squares make this a great project to practice free motion quilting or use decorative machine stitches. It’s a great stash buster, too.

Pattern Number: #803

Cost: $8.00

Around the Corner

Around the Corner (48 x 62 in)

This quilt pattern starts with a picture appliqué in the center. Around the Corner combines funky flowers with a bordered-out technique.

Pattern Number: #802

Cost: $8.00

Fun to be Square

Fun to be Square (45 x 63 in)

This quilt-as you-go pattern can be made in the traditional manner or all the hinges are machine sewn. The 9” x 9” squares make this a great project to practice free motion quilting or use your decorative machine stitches.

Pattern Number: #801

Cost: $8.00

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