Butterfly Express Quilting

My quilt journey started quietly… A friend gave me a quilt. Looking at this quilt gave me the joy of color and the comfort of her friendship. It was a short, straight line to thoughts of "Could I make a quilt?" We made a visit to our local quilt shop and purchased fabric and a pattern. What began as one quilt has inspired more quilts. The natural flow of life led to joining a quilt guild. Quilt guilds and quilt shops are wonderful sites for friendships of like-minded folks.

My quilt journey continued innocently enough with my quirky perspective and attitude for making projects easier and time efficient. As a school teacher for over 30 years, I realized that many quilters are self-taught. Thus, user-friendly patterns are needed and valued. Modern sewing machines take on tasks that formally had to be hand sewn. Today's machines and clear, concise patterns mean quilts can be made quicker and totally on a home sewing machine. Soon I was asked to teach piecing and whimsical quilting which required finding fabric that needed to be purchased and placed into quilts or stored in my stash. Sign me up for that job.

Imagine my surprise when a quilt guild called asking me to present a trunk show followed by a workshop. VOILA, my niche! With my "Can Do" attitude and suitcases packed with quilts, pieced and quilted on my home sewing machine, I was off to share my quilting experiences with a bit of funky musical audience participation.

The urge became stronger to create, write and teach my own quilt patterns. Was I heading down a slippery slope? This quilting journey has been amazing, as it gathers momentum. I continue to wonder what is around the corner and encourage others to join my fun.